Back to 90's future past. 

Rebellious, contrasts-full 90'ies are back for Spring/Summer 2016 season. And we can not say no to those good old childhood, teenage, early adulthood days, can we?
Let's face it, the era of 90'ies is having an official comeback not only by means of styling and general mood, but also by means of behavioral model and state of mind. And apart from all cool denim options, lots of sneakers, bomber jackets and so on, designers have brought back two main points of our beloved 90'ies - a grunge queen, seen all the way at Saint Laurent's seasonal collection, and a tracksuit, especially its parts that Chloe did masterfully play around. 
Long discussions aside, let's just have a closer look at the two heroes of the 90's.

Grunge Queen

As we know grunge is all about dirty, trashy, edgy and chaotic attitude. And if you have those polished, glam'ed up queens how can you get by without having something totally opposite? Right, the queen of grunge. What is it all about? Primarily, grunge. In other words, you keep mixing unmixable stuff together, like a fur coat and sequined party dress with edgy footwear, and top it all with that queen attitude. Read 'resting bitch face'.


Tracksuit is something we've been trying to abandon in our daily, street style outfits for quite a decade. It used to be a sign of bad taste for a lady to wear a sport suit somewhere apart from home or gym, especially in a combination with high heels. Everything changes and tracksuit together with other sportswear-much pieces are back on our fashion radars. Thanks to ugly 90'ies, of course.

Image Courtesy:, Vogue Runway, Vogue Runway