Going zebra-like for Spring/Summer 2016 season. 

Black stripes and white stripes. Colorful rainbows. Straight lines. Zigzags. Yes, it's all about one single trend of the season - bold stripes. 
Designer's couldn't leave us without stripes for summer. Therefore, they used all their creativity to make seasonal stripes our main fashion force. Everyone from Salvatore Ferragamo and Giorgio Armani to Prada and Tommy Hilfiger played around multicolored options, while Dior managed to put emphasis on more neutral-colored combinations. One would say there's no real summer fun without zigzag stripes... and that's so true. 'Missoni stripes' are a third stripe-y musketeer of this Spring/Summer season. And we can't be more happy to add something dynamic-much to our fashion list, can we?
Well, well, well. Time to dive into a little yet productive online shopping session...


Sun-kissed season is calling for colors. For bold, sunny, lively ones. And the trick with multicolor stripes is the more colorful the mix is within a certain piece the better. So make sure to target your fashion attention on more varied options.


Neutral colors addicted are not left aside in terms of bold seasonal stripes. Just like stripes themselves, neutral options can pretty much be called modern classics. So black, white, grey, beiges, even pastels and calm shades of, let's say, blue and green will come as your perfect seasonal neutrals.


Zigzag stripes are so much Missoni. Especially considering the fact these kind of stripes have been brand's distinctive feature for years now. Well, this Summer zigzags are going to be a more dynamic, statement and worth trying out options of seasonal stripes. 

Image Courtesy: Lana Wilkinson, Fashion Won't Stop, Fashionista, Glam Radar