Bombing through Spring/Summer 2016 season.

A piece that used to be a part of pilot's uniform has been ruling fashion wardrobes for almost 40 years now.,, and it doesn't seem to give up just yet.
Isn't it astonishing how a piece of clothing that used to be a part of military clothing almost 100 years ago is making it today in fashion? Well, true, bomber jacket made it to fashion and street style back in 1980's and still it's everywhere - on all runways and in our wardrobes. Bottega Veneta, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Roberto Cavalli, Courreges, Fendi and Gucci are among those designer brands, who couldn't escape but turn us into literally flying-able kind of creatures this Spring/Summer season.
One more interesting fact about bomber jacket these days is that it can be worn with everything - starting with jeans and formal pants and finishing off with midi skirts...


Neutral bomber is a pure classic piece. It did work, it does work and it will always work. It will be a perfect cherry on your fashion cake in case you are neutrals person. In case you're not, it can just serve as a good additional detail for your laid-back outfit.

In Print and Embroidery

What can be more seasonal appropriate rather than a bomber jacket with added value? And here added value is translated by means of prints and embroidery. Animalistic, floral, tropics - it all counts when it comes to Spring/Summer season.


Although it all started with leather for bomber jacket, these days we don't really associate a piece with this fabric. Denim, suede, lace, velvet, tulle, metallic effect and so on come as alternatives to our now beloved cotton and satin much bombers.

Photo Courtesy: Fashion Road Test, Just the Design, Asos