Back in the day... 

Back in the day when my hair was still that long. This length now seems to be just a tiny bit awkward as to me. Yes, I guess this sentence indicates how much I got used to my mid-hair so far. I believe I've already said it, but cutting hair off came as a sort of refreshment. Nearly total refreshment. But it still doesn't mean I don't miss having long hair at all. You know, some hairstyles do require good length. But I got that moment covered with a little (or big) trick I'm going to unveil quite soon. A pretty unusual trick to me. But now let's go back to early February when sun was shining and this story was actually shot...

It was actually back then when I first introduced you to Whistle + Bango brand and my customized bangle. I did fall in love with this bangle straightaway. I mean how can you not fall in love with such a practical yet elegant piece? A piece that has your personal initials on. My love with Whistle + Bango bangle only gets stronger day after day. As I said, it's such a practical piece I keep wearing every single day, with every single outfit be it something more elegant or something super basic or even a party/evening much combo. It might sound silly, but this piece somehow managed to become a part of me. It defines me, or characterizes, to a little certain extent.

Speaking of bangle's practicality, or better say universality, as I indicated above, it suits literally everything. Everything in terms of style, clothing piece, color and so on. Well, have to admit, this universality comes not only due to minimalistic design, but also due to color combination - gold and cream - that ensures this win-win situation. In case with today's outfit my Whistle + Bango bangle served as a light touch to almost all black everything and florals combo. A little bit of classics, a little bit of sport luxe, a little bit of vintage and a decent dose of simplicity. As always. 

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat |
Toyo Menka top |
H&M pants |
HAVE2HAVE (via shoes |
vintage bag |

Photo: T. Egorova