A year older, a year wiser? 

Well, well, well. It's this time of the year for me that's usually referred as birthday. Here we go with number 24. What was I about to say regarding this age? I guess it was something like... a month or two ago I was actually looking forward to face my new age figure as if something huge is about to fall on me the moment I wake up on May 29. A day before I officially made it to this world I was sitting in my bed with a huge junk of condensed milk and two packs of biscuits ans was reminiscing that (already) previous year of my life. And you know, sitting now in front of the monitor, in a more older stage, I'm still trying to figure out what this new number means to me...

If you remember it was in late April when I was talking about Practical Queen AP's 5th anniversary. Back then I refused to wrap up that year-chapter and so, as if I somehow felt it wasn't the right time just yet. As if I knew somewhere deep inside that something interesting and important is about to step in. May is a very special month for me. This is the time when notable stuff keep happening. Notable for me in first place. This May was of no exception. You know spending literally whole month working with several Latvian designers, who happened to be either a pleasant discovery or a real blessing, turned to be a challenging yet enjoyable experience that did wrap up my 23rd year. Quite a good year. Filled with everyday journeys.

Expanding the boarders I can't allow myself to leave the two heroes of this special story (and two of my biggest foreign fashion discoveries of the year) out of the limelight. It's the #madeinUK Whistle + Bango customized bangle with my initials (a basic everyday detail I'm truly obsessed with) and the #madeinUkraine Sl_Ira wrap dress (not that much of my basic everyday piece, but am still highly crazy about it as well). I believe each and every female should have a special dress that's able to turn her into a diva, princess and femme fatale at the very same time. And a dress she feels totally feminine-ly comfortable in. To me such a piece came in the face of velvety wrap dress in deep blue. Add a boater hat in matching color and Irresistible Me hair extensions woven into a braid and, voila, you get a pretty gone in a jungle lady.    

Look of the Day:
CHOIES hat |

Photo: T. Egorova