Black and white lines of modern Latvian fashion. 

My special love and tender feelings towards Latvian designers and brands, in other words #madeinLatvia fashion, is not of a secret at all. I would say, our close relations with local designers started about a year ago. Ever since that time quite a number of Latvian designers and brands stepped into my zone and made it to Practical Queen AP pages. Emerging and well-known ones, minimalistic-much and Eastern culture inspired, street style cool and recycling-centered ones. All these concepts are so different yet one thing unites them all - yes, you're right - the 'made in Latvia' thing. And today we're about to add two more names to a so-called 'PQAP meets Latvian designers' list. - Black Bag and Reinis Ratnieks.

You know, it's funny how some paths keep crossing from time to time. Reinis Ratnieks is not a newcomer to these digital pages as I remember talking about his London invasion within the very first Brillante Fashion Show last year in an interview with Laura Vevere, project's founder. Then I remember watching that Ratnieks-Linde-Vecmane collection presentation while at Liepāja Fashion Fest past summer. Now I see this game of lines and forms in action on my own body and can sense this game of fabrics (wait till you see more of it just soon). Well, to cut a long story short, Reinis Ratnieks is one of those 'new wave-d' designers I've been tracking for quite some time now. So getting a couple of his garments in my hands happened to be a real pleasure. Now the Black Bag. Or one interior designer's view on how a bag should look like in visual terms and what exact purposes should it serve.

I actually do find this approach interior, products and whatever else, designers do translate on to clothes, bags, shoes being pretty interesting. It's just so different from fashion and footwear designers' one. In my opinion, such pieces have a really different structure and character. If you ever paid attention to this point, then you definitely get what I'm trying to say. The same goes to Black Bag bags. Even this Ascetic backpack, it thas a very strong personality that allows it to be more than just a fancy designer piece. Now why did I bring the two, I mean Reinis Ratnieks top and Black Bag backpack, together? It just clicked. The couple simply worked together. In my eyes, the Latvian fashion duo may come as a perfect essential base for a modern simplicity-lover's wardrobe. 

Colloseum pants 
HAVE2HAVE (via shoes 

Photo: T. Egorova