Summer feels keep filling the air. 

So it's like a week or so left till we finally step in summer season and we already can't fight this feeling, can we? The ultimate feeling of summer, sun and dynamic vibes. This pleasant smell-combo of lilies of the valley and lilacs that's been filling my room for quite several days now lead me to a little yet emotions-full getaway to one of the coolest locations around my little Eastern European country - botanical garden of Salaspils. Now how gorgeous yet highly modern does this new, nearly giant, greenhouse look. Endless paths take you around this exotic, and not that much, floral journey.

Well, undertaking such a journey one would really feel herself a runaway Cinderella. Or floral princess. Or whoever you can imagine yourself. You name it. So undertaking such a botanical journey feeling special is a must, simply in order to see the actual magic of the place. As long as we started talking about those special feelings, let me drop few words about a piece that turned to be pretty much essential here. An a la curtain blouse from Dresslink. Don't get me wrong when I call this blouse a la curtain'ed one as there's nothing bad in being sarcastic regarding this or that piece. Besides, the blouse so far managed to enter my favorites list.

Romanticism and home-like feelings that's what this Dresslink blouse actually evokes inside me. Home-like feelings in a sense of total comfort and pleasant warmth, if you get what I mean. Let's not forget about dynamics brought around by ruffles. This curtain'ed blouse literally makes you whirl and whirl and whirl. Or bounce, or dance. All of it at once, I would say. Now such a restless piece simply asks for something comfortable, like straight jeans, and something classy, like black court shoes. And details. Well, here I went for a more summer-much couple - straw bag and colorful scarf. Because mood's asking for it.

Look of the Day:
Bandolino jeans |
Aldo shoes |
vintage straw bag |

Photo: T. Egorova