Fast lane'd #madeinLatvia makeover. 

The moment you thought all those fashion makeovers are a sort of a yesterday thing you so far got tired of, steps in quite a new concept. A totally new project called Express Makeover seem to gather together all sort of different women - fashion, beauty and health industries' professionals who are ready to share own knowledge both in theory and practise, as well as other busy and ambitious females who are either willing to undertake a complete makeover or just to take part as curious audience members. So, on one of those beautiful Saturday afternoons a very first chapter of Express Makeover was written down right at the heart of Riga city, in highly stylish interiors of Kitchen HairLab.

You might start wondering now what can be so special about the project apart from turning 6 female's lives for like 360 degrees and a team of well-known Riga-based professionals - stylist Sandija Sarkane, hairstylist Diana Payton, make-up artist Larisa Lisimenko, beauty representative of Domina Elegans Latvia Dana Kudrjashova, photographer Julia Dmitrenko, and the very head of it all, buyer Julija Beń∑ere and personal shopping adviser Larisa Boreiko? The answer is... Latvian designers. A wide selection of #madeinLatvia pieces, including SALT, QooQoo, Bulichev, IN by Inga Nipane, Cinnamon Concept and many more, is aimed at educating EM's audiences about local designers. "The problem is, Latvian designers have been showing amazing results over these past years by conquering foreign markets and finding success there, by opening boutiques far away from the boundaries of a native country, while in Latvia majority of locals never even heard their names" - shared Larisa Boreiko. And you know, I can't disagree.

Well, all above said aside as I want to dive into my own Express Makeover experience that I would entitle 'On the other side'. It was back in the days when I myself undertook a role of a stylist and teamed up with hairstylists, make-up artists, photographers and so on for my graduation project for Bogomolov' Image School. Who would have thought back then that 5 years later I'm about to see it all, so to say, from the other side of a picture? Unlike 5 other makeover beauties I was the only one coming directly from the fashion industry. The question that pops in your minds now is definitely - what's the point for me to undertake a makeover? Curiosity. I mean, I know how I feel inside and I pretty much understand how to translate it by means of fashion, those different facets of mine. I was intrigued by the idea to see how others would want me to look, without me choosing color of a dress, hairstyle and the rest. Bright orange color, below the knee length, accentuated eyes, gathered hairstyle - all of this has been popping on my daily list now and then for like ages now. An explosive modesty, the way I named the look of mine, happened to be a total jackpot for Express Makeover team.

Photo: Julia Dmitrenko