You won't be able to resist... 

Well, well, well. It's Monday and it seems like we are back to one of my currently trending, let's just put it this way, topics - hair. Don't you think I'm getting quite obsessed with it, do you? Truth is, everything simply leads me to all these hair kind of discussions. But let's go step by step with this stuff. First of all, you surely are aware of the fact I did cut my long hair off back in early April. Even though it took me ages to grow it to a pretty long stage, but oh well. Secondly, you definitely so far got the point I am literally in love with my mid-length. Otherwise why would I even cut hair off, right? Thirdly, the only thing I somehow regret going mid-hair is the abundance of hairstyles one can afford when having a pretty long hair.

And here comes this very moment of today's story.Yes, you got it right - it's all about hair extensions. To be totally honest, it was just few months ago when I would say a solid 'No' to hair extensions. But as we change and so do our tastes, outlooks and so on, I find it quite natural to change own mind regarding this or that thing. So when I did enter this contradictory stage at which I do like my cut at like daily basis, but at the same time tend to miss long length and ability to experiment with hairstyles at times, an idea of getting myself a pack of hair extensions entered my mind. Shortly after I came across US-based Irresistible Me brand. An abundance of extensions, I mean collections/options, and products in general, like wigs, various styling tools and even hair accessories, really got me going.

Now you might start questioning 'What's so special about Irresistible Me?'. My answer is - quality and application. If I am to characterize it in a short sentence, then it's all about human hair clip in extensions. Am not a PRO when it comes to all these things, but in my opinion Irresistible Me quality is more than satisfying as hair doesn't look fake when attached. Plus one can easily straighten, curl and even dye extensions according to own needs. What I like the most about my extensions is the clip in technique, so I can easily attach it, and it takes like 5 minutes. Well, slightly opening up the door to a couple of my future stories I can say I already started experimenting with different hairstyles. And let me drop this on you - my braids yet never ever looked that much voluminous. So my personal answer to Irresistible Me Silky Touch extension-pack is a solid 'Yes'.

My Irresistible Me choice: Silky Medium Brown (#4) 20" 200g

Photo: T. Egorova