Putting vintage over modern knits. 

I adore early May weather. Or May weather in general. It is exactly the time when you have this shift from cold-to-warm Spring weather to more Summer-like days. It's the time when you can finally abandon severe multi layering and go for something more easy, let's say a knit dress and a blazer or a jacket. Such a combination says it's not yet that hot to wear a Summer sarafan-dress, but at the same time it's not as freezing anymore, agree? Don't know how about you but to me this is the period of pure joy that gives fly-full feeling as if you are one of those birds of passage...

And as long as we are again coming across Sl_Ira label I'd love to speak a tiny bit more of the brand and its ideal ladies in particular. I mean every single brand, be it Dolce & Gabbana or Diane Von Furstenberg and so on, has its own image of a perfect client, let's put it female here. The same goes to Sl_Ira. First of all, Ira's women know themselves - they know what they want, especially in terms of fashion, they know what fits them, so here again Sl_Ira pieces come as tools that help enhancing the beauty. Secondly, Sl_Ira ladies are super modern and active creatures who are looking for something trendy, practical yet elegant at the same time. And all this is exactly what you find among brand's offering.   

Everything I said above regarding who are those ideal ladies of Sl_Ira and what are their fashion preferences - trendiness, practicality and so on - is actually translated in all pieces. I believe this fact was already covered in Three Colors of Sl_Ira story, anyways, there's nothing bad in repeating own self, right? The same Sl_Ira formula goes for this knit dress. I do find it unbelievable how practical a simple knit dress can be - you can easily wear it with sneakers and high heels and create two completely different outfits. And if you wear it with casual white sneakers, the dress still doesn't loose its elegance. Pure fashion magic. Oh and did I say a word on my coolest vintage Escada blazer? Totally love how it did interact with the dress. In every single sense.

Escada blazer 
Converse shoes 
Piazza Italia bag 
CHOIES shades 
CNDirect watch 

Photo: T. Egorova