Getting high on vertical stripes. 

And we are back in the game with so far my favorite Riga-based online retailer - LA TONE store. As for the previous story we did play around that modern Alyonushka image - quite charming and feminine with a tiny bit masculine traits kind of combination. This time the idea was completely different. It's all about bold, eye-catchy combination that will never leave you unnoticed. Especially on such a sunny, spring-full day. Especially considering the fact stripes once again made a comeback as one of season's leading trends. And you shouldn't be afraid of bold stripes. As Missy Elliott says, get your fashion freak out. Well, almost her original quote.

You know, if I was to paraphrase Miranda Priestly of Devil Wears Prada I would definitely say that stripes for spring is not a groundbreaking pattern at all, just like florals. Spring/Summer stripes are a pretty casual thing for us, don't you think? But still we literally can't go a single resort season without implementing this pattern in our daily wardrobes. Think about it. When it comes to warm sunny days, don't you wish to add that nautical feeling to outfits of your own? Or simply color those stripes in red, yellow or whatever popping color you want just to bring those funny, life-full vibes? I bet you do.

But let's speak of this total Kjaer Koebenhavn outfit in more details. The truth is, when I entered LA TONE's showroom this stripe couple was the very first thing that caught my eye. And as I am nearly crazy over suit combinations, especially pants ones, I couldn't resists but to pull it. What a surprise it was later on when I took this elongated shirt off from a rail and figured out it wasn't only a perfect match for the suit in terms of color and overall style, but it's also of Kjaer Koebenhavn brand. That's what I call a pure fashion perfection that allows you to play around one brand without thinking it'll look boring or odd. Confession is, I am in love with this bold Danish simplicity. Just the way I'm in love with LA TONE's diverse range.

Zara heels 
H&M shades 

Photo: T. Egorova