Sl_Ira in black. 

I believe everyone so far is familiar with Gucci's geek chic'ness. Well, the Italian brand is not the only one who's been playing around this certain image in their recent collections. Still, I personally find the Gucci case the most interesting. Mainly due to recent brand image shift that was undertaken by Alessandro Michele. A shift from provocative sexuality towards nerds with vintage twist. It ain't a secret I find this geek chic image of today a pretty interesting topic, both to talk about and to play around in visual terms. Moreover, I've already managed to pull an a la Margot Tenenbaum combo inspired by one of Gucci's runway looks.

And what happens once can happen twice. At least, a possibility of such scenario is quite high. Especially when it comes to fashion. So I had another Gucci runway look from their Spring/Summer collection on my mind - an embroidered skirt suit in black leather, chiffon blouse with giant pussy bow, beret, geeker glasses and flat mules. That black leather combination made me literally go mad. So the moment Nataly of Sl_Ira's Riga-based showroom showed me this skater skirt, puzzle pieces in my head finally came together. Standing there, right in the middle of the showroom, surrounded by lots and lots of beautiful dresses, skirts, outerwear pieces and much more I already knew a modern geek chic'er will be one of those combinations I'll be pulling with this #madeinUkraine brand.

See that's what I've been trying to say in previous stories regarding Sl_Ira label and am still stating it today -  Ira's ladies are pretty diverse characters. It's not just about that creative type of women or, on the contrary, the business type. A total geek chic'er, I mean the one who is equally keen on technology and fashion, can also be a part of Sl_Ira family. Well, let's speak a bit more about my second attempt to copy Gucci's runway look. As always the main point was to make it look my own rather than to do a 'copy-paste' thing. That's why the beret, pussy bow, bare legs and flat mules were abandoned. A lot of black, dashes of blue and brown, leather on leather, vintage jabot, comfortable shoes... a perfect formula for a little mid-May escape in narrow streets of a little Eastern European city.

vintage blouse 
HAVE2HAVE (via shoes 
vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova