Going Cosmic Kitten for QooQoo...

You know, I believe there are brands to which you need to grow, in terms of style or inner state of own self so your personalities could finally find this matching point. In my case one of such brands is Latvian QooQoo. If I'm to define the brand in just few words, then it's all about fun, youth, street style and a good dose of boldness. And that's what actually allows QooQoo'shka to stand out from the fashion crowd - its unique personality. Do you know that many designer brands that are putting almost all of its focus on street fashion and genuine practicality with a statement? I bet the answer is no. Well, QooQoo's been rocking leggings and graphic tees for like half-a-decade (read ever since the label was established). And considering all this 'currently changing fashion environment and consumer's simplified preferences' I would predict QooQoo'shka is yet to show its hidden super power (I mean potential of course).  

Now wait a second. All of you who entered this world way earlier than the clock struck the beginning of a new Millennium should definitely remember 'Love Is' chewing gum. I mean, especially if you are from around Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and so on. 'Love Is' was a real chewing bomb back in the 90'ies. At least that's the way it looked like in my Latvian childhood. I literally went crazy over collecting those liners. To me it was all about that love story of a boy and a girl rather than a chewing gum itself. What were those quotes about? Love is... that special look... enjoying life to the fullest... doing what comes naturally... and so on... and so forth. Such a pleasurable nostalgia, isn't it?

The reason I started this 'Love is' talk is hidden, first of all, in this tee (for a little lost in translation note, the Russian word on a t-shirt stands for 'Love') and, secondly, in a general idea of this visual story. So the moment this urbanistically girly combination of QooQoo's core piece, aka Love tee, and a wrap skirt from latest Cosmic Kitten collection came together, a flashback with good old gum liners series was already stuck in my mind. And in order to tie the knot between love-much and cosmic vibes even tighter I decided to go for a winning balloon game. The fun part is, even balloons happened to match the QooQoo combo as if they were originally made for each other. That's what I call all elements come together in a pretty natural way. Because love is... letting your inner Cosmic Kitten out...

Rodan heels 

Photo: T. Egorova