Most favorite month of them all... 

Long time no see, as they say. It's been quite few days, well a week in case I am to be totally precise, since we had last digital talk, I mean story. To be fully honest, in some terms this whole week felt like months or even ages I had to walk through. And by saying this I mean that so much stuff has happened over this time, the good or the bad - it doesn't really matter (despite the fact it was a combination of both), that again got me through lots of thinking and good old choice making process. Anyway, putting it all aside I have to confess I am so so so happy to be siting in front of my laptop and writing these lines right now. Missed this whole process so freaking much.

But hey, wait a second... it's already May outside the window, right? Inside as well, actually. My most favorite month of them all. Am not sure if there is a tight connection between my love for the fifth month and the fact I was born exactly at the end of this month, but well let's just put any possibility of it aside. I am so not in the mood of playing a detective or a super analyst. Not typical of me at all, I guess. What I am in the mood these past couple of days are long walks along the streets of my little Eastern European city. And ice cream. And writing process. I think I should be writing my next story sitting on a terrace in a company of iced latter. Yes, early May is calling for it.

Well, despite the fact actual weather of early May is calling for literally abandoning layering, today's visual story doesn't seem to follow the same kind of path. If you haven't so far noticed it neither follows my hair length (read hairstyle) of today. Truth is, it's just one more story that happened to fall out of the schedule. And I couldn't allow myself to just skip on this one as I like a layering game out here so much. Such a controversial game of textures. Something I wouldn't mind wearing like on everyday basis. If only it wasn't that warm outside these days you know.

Look of the Day:
London Fog trench |
Forever21 shirt |
Colloseum pants |
Centro boots |
Aldo bag |

Photo: T. Egorova