Where lilacs and apple tree blossom. 

Summer feels on repeat as one simply can't beat this temptation to put that charmingly coolest blouse on. Wait. Why am I even talking about temptation? Isn't it this pleasant, lovable sun that's been actually setting the vibes? Getting those summer-much pieces out and forming/reforming own seasonal wardrobe never ever felt that good. Didn't you experience the same sort of feelings while getting into summer mood earlier than usual? Or is it just me having this pre-birthday excitement? Anyways, excitement and joy have been overfilling me lately and it's not just because of weather or upcoming birthday... (silent break steps in) 

Speaking of summer wardrobe and its updates or refreshments, whatever you prefer to call it, I undertook a pretty serious clearance and literally reduced my endless seasonal stock to those piece I would wish to use on daily basis. It doesn't look like a capsule wardrobe just yet but feels like I'm somewhere on the way towards this direction. Plus, I can't escape but point out the fact that fewer hangers, not that much overstocked shelves give more space for fresh air. So after clearing my seasonal wardrobe I felt like something was lacking... namely just a couple of pieces that would become a sort of an icing to my fashion cake.   

Per usual (now) few lacking pieces were found via two of my main online shopping friends - Dresslink and CNDirect. Am sure I already shared a word or two about this couple but don't mind doing it once again. So this off-shoulder blouse (together with several more tops and dresses) came as one of those essentials my seasonal wardrobe was eager for. Being honest, I never saw myself into this off-the-shoulder trend, but decided to upgrade my everyday-ness with femininity and tenderness. Therefore, pulling the blouse together with skinny jeans, vintage heels and a classy cross body bag came as a very first thought. While two other elements - good old shades and a little straw hat - happened to be variables within this outfit formula.

Look of the Day:
Zara jeans |
Rodan heels |
New Look bag |
H&M shades |
Reserved straw hat |

Photo: T. Egorova