Who are you? 

It's been quite some time now since I started cherishing strong feelings, passion, love, you name it, towards 'talking' t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and so on. You might start wondering what do I mean by 'talking' tops? Well, am not fully sure if this is the right kind of reference, but you know I love 'word games' and have long made it my thing. Tees, and the rest, with special meaning - image or phrase - that's what I call 'talking'. Especially when it comes to something super funny or pretty provocative. Something that leads you to rethink it over and over again. In my opinion, one of the best examples of 'talking' tops approach goes to Vivienne Westwood. 

Still British fashion provocateur is far not the only master around this field. Did I already use a chance last time to spill some light over QooQoo's statement tops? Anyways, you definitely noticed QooQoo'shka's 'talking' game while I was navigating you through their iconic 'Love' tee. Should give due to Alyona Bauska and her talent to turn simplest, street wear piece into a more statement garment one would be willing to wear with double pride. 'U Are What U Hide'. Intriguing, huh? A sweatshirt with such a catchy phrase got my attention straightaway. 'What am I hiding?' - was the question that settled down in my mind for like a couple of days. And it's not just about fears and thoughts that might be buried deep inside, but also passions and very own features you can't set free.

Well, the reason I actually went for this 'talking' QooQoo sweatshirt was to remind myself of those hidden rooms I have deep inside. Some of them happen to be successfully unlocked by now. Like an Eastern-much soul of mine. Or my mind of a fashion intellectual. And my super contrasting fashion tastes that include Orientalism, vintage and everything simple and quirky. QooQoo says, you are what you hide. I say, be brave enough to let it all out, step by step. You know what I liked about this sweatshirt? Apart from pulling such a dark-shaded, laid-back combination that once again brought together my beloved boater hat and masculine-much shoes of course. So what I liked, and still do throughout this very moment, about this QooQoo piece was the attention passers-by centered on it. On the phrase, I mean. So my question is... what you hide?

H&M pants 
HAVE2HAVE (via Halens.lv) shoes 
Jenny Fairy backpack 

Photo: T. Egorova