No place like Mitava. 

Coming back to the city of Jelgava is always a big pleasure to me. It's always a great adventure that literally re-energizes you. Even though I've known the city for ages, I mean since my super early days (no I'll never ever get tired of repeating it every single time), I keep re-discovering it again and again whenever I come here. Even the spots I think I know perfectly keep appearing in a new light, so to say. This time I went to see my beloved Mitava in late May. Right at the time when sun was spilling a huge dose of warmth over the city. And this time I wasn't all alone on this beautiful date...

On this sunny day of late May I was accompanied by Reinis Ratnieks skirt. To be honest, couldn't imagine a better companion for such a tiny yet emotions-full adventure. So far we are familiar with the designer himself as one of those brightest representatives of 'new wave-d Latvian designers'. And by saying one of the brightest, better with quite a potential, I don't mean to exaggerate. In my opinion Ratnieks mastered this game of mixing different fabrics together. Like in this case with the skirt, the softer one in black that seem to be sheer enough, though it's not, and the stiff fabric in white that actually may show your body lines. What Reiniks had mastered as well is the power of perfect folds. I think you know what I mean, mass market-ed folds will never be able to stand that close.

You know I loved studying this skirt by means of touch and observation just the way I loved wandering around Jelgava wearing it. Speaking of the combination, it was all about comfort and simplicity. And total freedom of movement. See, when you go for quite a long walk escorted by quite strong sun rays, the very last thing you would wish to worry about is comfort. That's why I went for simplest essentials of modern day - a turtleneck top and all time favorite Converse-s - to accompany this Reinis Ratnieks skirt with and bring it all to a travel-appropriate level. Mid-sized straw bag and pretty summer-y scarf come here as perfect final touch.

Lindex top 
Converse shoes 
vintage straw bag 
CHOIES shades 

Photo: T. Egorova