Fashion Business or Fashion Buying? That's the question. 

An educational journey to one of the 20 best fashion schools in the world (according to The Business of Fashion survey) is not a miracle, but rather a real life chance.  
After bringing Dario Golizia, a Fashion Business course supervisor at Istituto Marangoni Milan and a well-known industry professional, to Kiev Fashion Institute for an 8-hour long lecture Daria Shapovalova, the founder of KFI project, decided to go further and team up with Istituto Marangoni for another interesting collaboration. In other words, Kiev Fashion Institute and Istituto Marangoni Milan announced a special competition following which one student will receive a grant for a short (3 weeks long) course at one of the coolest fashion meccas on planet Earth! 

What a chance for a modern fashion intellectual, isn't it? Plus there's an opportunity to choose one of two educational directions - Fashion Business or Fashion Buying. All that is required from participant is a business plan submitted by August 20. More information regarding participation, business plan and the rest can be found HERE.
Having myself spent 3 years at Istituto Marangoni London undertaking the Fashion Business direction and delivered a much broader business plan as a final BA project, I consider such a chance provided by Kiev Fashion Institute and Istituto Marangoni Milan to be an adventure of a lifetime. So, fashion intellectuals, it's time to get ready for another educational journey...

Image Courtesy: Kiev Fashion Institute