Latvian craftsmanship with Japanese touch. 

It's not a secret I'm pretty keen on Eastern vibes. All sort of it. Chinese, Indian and other Orientalism-much cultures. Authentic or its echoes. Even Western world's products inspired by this or that Eastern country's culture cause a shiver deep inside me. Europe has been fascinated by Oriental culture for centuries now. Eastern craftsmanship and fabrics still make Western eyes burn with that special light.

When it comes to me, I believe it's more of that Eastern drop in my blood that turns me into the biggest fan of Orientalism. It's been quite a long way for me to acknowledge this passion, release it and find ways to implement these vibes within my own wardrobe. It's been quite a long way to realize Eastern motifs are a part of me. So ever since the first step was made, I mean the first such piece entered my wardrobe, I've been trying to explore treasures of Eastern world and expand my collection at every opportunity.

Now why did I start all this Oriental-much talk? Because of YUTA. A purely Latvian brand with a pretty charming name. The moment I saw YUTA's pieces at Martas iela 8 (QooQoo'shka's nest where you can touch, feel and try on brand's stuff), my eyes started shining like diamonds, I swear. This Japanese twist was exactly that element I was lacking in my table. Anna's table of Eastern vibes, so to say. Overall simplicity and statement belts do bring this kimono-like feels. Don't you think so? But what amuses me even more in this YUTA story is that all garments are made in Latvia. What I find even more fascinating is the fact Līga and Ina, creators, found this point to make West meet East in pretty practical terms.

Let's take this grey-ish dress, for example. It's the most simple, everyday, summer dress each and every of us, ladies, can easily pull regarding age or body shape (here loose fit element comes in handy). And then we have this belt that adds these Eastern vibes, Japanese if to be more precise. Speaking more of the practicality of the dress, I like these different ways it can be applied. Just have a look at the two separate outfits I managed to implement it in - a more daring look with leather pants and masculine shoes and a more feminine one with pointed flats (can be replaced with classy court shoes) and bare legs. And how many more options are there yet to be created... feeling the flight of imagination?

Shop YUTA online & at 8 Martas iela (QooQoo'shka nest)

Photo: T. Egorova