Where tenderness meets street style. 

Okay, let me start with the 'lost in translation' moment. As I bet most of you will start wondering what does the word on a sweatshirt mean. In Latvian 'maigums' means 'tenderness'. I could now spend like a couple of minutes by dedicating several lines, read one paragraph, talking about one of those numerous songs on this feeling or find a movie that would perfectly suit the topic. But in this very case 'Maigums' comes as a picture of most favorite marshmallows in chocolate in the world that holds this very name - Maigums. And just in case if you were thinking of asking me whether a sweatshirt can be as tender as a marshmallow in chocolate... just have another look at this pink-y piece. Any doubts?

Basically, there are two moments I wanted to highlight in this story and as soon as we overcame the 'lost in translation' one and made you learn a word in Latvian, let's then jump over to the next part. Leggings. Well, this fashion topic has been around for like ages. The 'pros' and 'cons' regarding leggings are still heard here and there. Now let me tell you this story. There were days when I would never dare to wear leggings as a plain piece, I mean as a sort of pants (a pretty trending formula today). There would always be an elongated top, blouse or cardigan involved. You got my point, didn't you? Yet I always loved, and at some point envied, those girls who could pull the leggings - basic tee/cropped top - jacket/bomber kind of outfit. You need to have a pretty good bottom part thought I to myself and never really pulled the formula myself.

Well, it was a very 'QooQoo moment' when I finally pulled leggings as a regular piece of pants. Have to admit, regular squat-sessions, rope jumpings - I mean workouts in general - did come in handy here. But that's not my point. The main point here is the QooQoo duo in summer-y pink shades and prints.Perfect for an easy walk around and about. Or workouts. Or as journey uniform. In other words, for any situation when you want to achieve 'comfort meets style' formula. What about my semi-boxer braids? Have to be honest, my dream hairstyle of the season came true thanks to Irresistible Me. I know I've been speaking about this miracle extensions pack a lot recently, but there's nothing bad in sharing the joy. Right? Especially when it comes to such a 'Maigums'-much wrapping.

Converse shoes 
CHOIES shades 

Photo: T. Egorova