Genuine Summer vibes. 

Nothing like a stripe pattern for summer season. No really. It seems to be pretty cliche but after observing street style of people, mainly women actually, in Riga I did notice stripes are far the most popular pattern of them all. Florals, ethnics and the rest doesn't even stand that close. Should I also mention stripes are among those leading seasonal trends? And it  means what? It means you should have long started implementing perfect zebra lines in your daily outfits.

When it comes to shoulder part throughout the summer season, then there's nothing better than leaving it naked. Don't you think so? Therefore, nothing like off the shoulder trend will work in this case. It was about a month ago when we were talking about that off-shoulder blouse in tender blue I got via CNDirect. I remember myself saying I wasn't that much of a fan of this trend back then. Have to point out now my opinion on off the shoulder thing changed nearly completely. I can't state yet I am a fan, but I do find naked shoulder part being pretty charming and much-Summer appropriate.

What would I say to a combination of stripes and off-shoulder thing? I would say - yes, yes, and yes once again. Such combination of two summer-much fashion elements was found in this simple yet statement enough dress. I find the dress being a very practical seasonal piece that will work equally perfect with elegant court shoes, chic-y strap sandals, summer-y brogues, rebellious denim jacket, trending bomber and much more. What I went for is a more laid-back, sporty combination. And a tiny bit of colors. See, I told you back in those winter days this scarf is going to work well in summer.

Look of the Day:
New Look crossbody bag

Photo: T. Egorova