Management supports creativity. 

Kiev Fashion Insitute, a one of a kind fashion education project in Ukraine, presents an 8-hour long lecture 'Management supports creativity' held by Dario Golizia. A fashion consultant with 20 years of industry experience Dario has been taking part in fashion education for about 15 years now. A Fashion Business course supervisor at Istituto Marangoni Milan since 2001 he's been sharing own experience regarding Luxury Brand Strategies and Fashion Marketing.

During a lecture that will be held on June 20 at Schastie HUB space Dario Golizia will share own knowledge on how to:

\/   define strategic business models

\/   classify fashion companies according to strategic groups using new approach

\/   identify main competitors

\/   make a shift from creativity towards strategy

\/   develop a marketing strategy

                                                             Get more information and apply for an express-course right at Kiev Fashion Institute website.

Image Courtesy: Kiev Fashion Institute