Violet-y-grey feels. 

You should had ironed it better or actually taken an iron with you - said someone deep inside my head. I guess it's also called an inner voice. Well, that's the other side of one's driving routine, not that glamorous I guess. No matter how good have you ironed that purely cotton-ed piece, the driver's side of yours will always find ways to crumple it literally from head to toes. Or maybe it's just me who gets that active-much while doing the driving thing. I know, I know, am full of self-sarcasm. I like being sarcastic. It's pretty much about saying real stuff without sounding or appearing too serious. Plus no one finds it that offensive. Do you?  

Enough about crumples. Even though I do find it quite appropriate in this case as each and every crumple adds certain dynamics to this YUTA dress. It adds this 'real life motion'. So I do own such a dress in my wardrobe now as it arrived as one of those pre-birthday gifts, and pretty much expanded my yet little collection of precious #madeinLatvia pieces. Have so far pulled the dress in various combinations, with and without belt, and have to say - I love it every single way. If I am to choose my favorite YUTA piece of them all - dresses, outerwear, skirts - I would definitely choose this very dress. 

How come it's this piece that managed to conquer my heart? I believe there's no need to cover the kimono-like style once again as we already talked about it in a previous YUTA story. So the kimono style and Japanese vibes come as the first point. Sheer detailing all over shoulder part comes as the second. I like this tricky combination of two contrasting fabrics. Plus it brings an intimate charm to this dress. In my opinion. And finally, the very last point that turned this YUTA dress into my complete favorite is the color. Violet-y-grey. Pale yet tender shade. As for the first time I went for a simple, effortless combination. Nothing too quirky or statement. Just a natural flow.

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Photo: T. Egorova