A perfect little black dress for summer. 

Was thinking about those favorite cartoons I was going crazy back in my childhood days the other day. Don't know why but to me it seems that cartoons of those days, good old 1990's and early 2000's, were much more different from what kinds of today are used to. Well, that's how I see it. But that's not the point. One of my favorite cartoons (of all time) was (and still remains) Sailor Moon. Japanese anime series. I couldn't survive a day without watching a new episode. Why? I can't really tell. Was there something special about this anime? I believe back in my early days it was something special, something different to what I was used to.

Those super girls were really different from all other characters. Skinny with long legs, big shiny eyes and charming smiles. They were beautiful, strong and inspiring. I believe every single little girl was dreaming of becoming a part of Sailor's squad. Sailor Moon... Sailor Jupiter... Sailor Mercury... I had two favorites. Sailor Mars and later on Sailor Pluto. Yes, I liked Pluto the most. Why? I don't know exactly but there was something mine in her. Something that attracted me. And her Sailor's dress in black and white, as far as I remember, with bordeaux bow. And that long green-y hair. Now why am I going that deep in details with Sailor Moon's squad and Pluto directly? Because to some extent this Sl_Ira dress reminds me of the anime and its characters. No, there's no direct connection between the dress and character's uniform.

I guess it's more of my perception. And associations that made this picture in my mind. I think if Sailor Moon's squad dresses would ever make it to real life , streets, I would wish it could look this cool. Fashion is all about interpretation so why can't we go for such an option? A little color game and apart from Sailor Pluto we can have the Moon, the Venus and so on. When it comes to the actual outfit of today, then I have to bring that echo of 90'ies to the fore. It felt more than natural for me to accompany this Sl_Ira dress with a modernized vintage denim jacket, vintage heels, backpack and a ribbon a la choker. Quite an old school'ed combo, don't you think?

Bambi_Vi customized vintage jacket 
vintage shoes 
Jenny Fairy backpack 

Photo: T. Egorova