When heat settles down in the city.

And so... quite a long Līgo weekend is over now. Probably the hottest one so far. At least, within my recollection. Four days of absolute super summer and no work involved. What else an ordinary Latvian could ask for? Exactly... four months of ultimate laziness by the sea, or pool, with a refreshing cocktail in hand and sun productively burning our bellies or booties. As they say, there is time to work and time to rest. It's time to get back to duties now. 

What could be better than breaking free during such a heat? I mean in terms of clothing. A cool new swimming suit is a perfect option for one's seaside/poolside getaway, but as we all know even these days life is not limited to lazy fun. So what should one do, we mean wear, in the streets of a concrete jungle? Here comes the golden rule - less is better. In all terms. Naked arms, shoulders, back, belly, legs... - all are welcomed here. That's the time for cropped lengths and serious cut outs.

When it comes to the outfit of today the main point is going to be placed on a miracle sweat top as I call it. This Dresslink piece comes in pretty tricky design with shoulders and upper arms being left naked while you still see sleeves being involved. Now why am I calling it a miracle top? When I was buttoning up the skirt I found out sleeve-part can easily be tucked underneath and one can get a different top-look - totally sleeveless one. Such an easy transformation, isn't it? Such a practical piece.

Look of the Day:
CHOIES skirt
Zara heels
CHOIES shades

Photo: T. Egorova