Classics never get old. 

It took me a bit more time to make up the title to this story. On one hand I wanted it to be interesting, slightly catchy... something like a line from one of my favorite songs of the moment... or a phrase from one of those movies I watched recently and that got stuck in my head. The kind of approach I adore using from time to time. On the other hand, I wanted the title to perfectly characterize the outfit. So that the name could set the right picture or feeling straightaway, without any second guessing.

When I was thinking of those associations the outfit brings to my mind, one of the first that popped up was 'classics'. If you think about it the actual components of the combination are really considered to be classics, in terms of colors, pieces themselves, lines and shapes, and so on. And what we know about classics in fashion terms is that it's quite a timeless category. In other words, pieces that don't lose its relevance over quite a long period of time. Sure, visual components of classical (timeless) pieces do change due to certain period and designer influences. But going back to the heading of the story issue, that's how it was born - simply derived from another noun.

Well, if I am to tell the story of how today's outfit combination came out, then have to confess there's no super exciting or quirky idea about it. Actually... you know I like this uniform dressing approach, right? Yes, the Matilda Kahl office style idea lies in it. So, I already managed to pull such kind of combinations before, and it happened t work in my case. In those previous attempts I tried to mix that approach up with some contrasting detail, like a boater hat or striped socks. Here the center was a blouse - that's the base around which the whole outfit was built. And still, I believe I managed to add a little charming twist by means of a neck-ribbon a la choker. Just a little tiny detail. 

Look of the Day:
Miu Miu blazer 
H&M pants
Aldo shoes

Photo: T. Egorova