Pajama street style party for Summer 2016. 

Continuing the sleepwear meets street style topic it's worth having a little fashion talk on pajamas. Especially given it's one of the biggest Spring/Summer season's trends.
Pajamas. Such a two-piece set can be pretty different. Take, at least, variety of fabrics it can be made of. Then goes an endless list applicable colors, prints and patterns. And details. Let's not put aside the power of sleeves' and trouser' lengths. Well, if we are about to speak about the seasonal inspiration on street-appropriate pajamas, then a pretty much niche brand - For Restless Sleepers - is coming as the best source. All sort of pajama-inspired sets can also be found in Dolce & Gabbana and Thakoon seasonal collections. 
Summer is in town. It's high time to put your pajama on and chase the sun. The best seasonal pajamas? Let's figure it out now...

Silky or Cotton

Should it be of silk-y or cotton-much fabric doesn't really matter. This choice is more up to you as those tactile preferences may vary from person to person. So despite the fact you might go for a luxurious, shin-y silk option or a calm, laid back cotton on, you'll anyway hit the bull's (read season's) eye.

Patterns & Prints

Well, the game of prints and patterns this summer is getting pretty serious when it comes to 'pajama meets streets'. Florals, birds, geometry, bandana-inspired, stripes... and this is just a tiny list of those seasonal pajama prints you can choose from. Be brave to unveil your wilder pattern dreams.

Shorter Lengths

For those ladies who are willing to show just a tiny bit more, or a lot, of their already sun-kissed legs there's a pajama short'ed version. Why are we talking only about shorts? Some of us are willing to show their charming wrists and elbows instead, or as well. Right? So then, have a go with shorter pajama lengths!

Image Courtesy: The Guardian,, The Guardian, The Fashion Medley