Autumn mood already? 

Not just yet. Or maybe somewhere deep inside I have started thinking over my early autumn uniform... Yes, I like thinking some stuff over, over thinking in advance if to be precise, even though it never goes the same path in reality. And half of those outfit ideas I have in my mind either get lost, if I don't write it down straightaway, or simply don't work the way I imagined it. Seems like I did step aside from the point that should state this visual story was shot way back in late April. Time when we were yet to reach the point of abandoning multi layering.

So no worries, no one is yet getting ready to get back to that multi layering strategy. Even considering the fact autumn is just two months away now. As a good old saying says, prepare sleights in summer and your cart in winter. The saying works pretty well in case with outerwear pieces. For example, elongated vests, some also refer these as sleeveless coats. Such vests can be, and actually should be, considered as good investment pieces. Being a piece of a really high quality and moder style, it an serve you a decent. practical life. Few of this kind of vests were found by me at Sl_Ira Riga-based showroom.

Speaking of the vest from today's visual story, it comes as my second favorite sleeveless outerwear option from Sl_Ira's range. For a note, the first one is a multi colored vest from Three Colors of Sl_Ira story. And still I find this very vest in grey being the most practical piece out of the two. Obviously, due to color solution in first place. Going deeper with practicality of such a piece I can't escape but point out the fact a vest works so well with one of my all time favorite daily uniform combinations - white shirt + jeans. Thinking of refreshing such a classically simple formula? Feel free to play around with shoes and bags. My animalier duo are oldies but still goodies as prints always play a role of a fashion icing... just saying.

Bandolino jeans
Lindex loafters

Photo: T. Egorova