Modern view on a black dress. 

A little black dress. Or let's put it simply a black dress. Such an iconic piece, isn't it? A piece that can be found inside every female's wardrobe these days. And will be found in a decade, half a century and later on. If you think about it, a black dress is one of those highly practical pieces you can use over and over again. Of course if you're not a 'one time piece' kind of an addict. So a black dress, just like a white blouse, black blazer, a pair of court shoes and so on, is a highly practical piece. Play around with make-up, hairstyle, shoes, bags, details and jewelry, accompany dress by white shirt underneath or a leather/denim jacket over - and you'll get a dozen of different looks.

What I wanted to talk about in particular is the approach every single fashion designer uses when it comes to a black dress. I mean, every single person and every single mind in this universe is so different, I don't think you can find two identical ones. So are designers. They are different, their visions on design, fashion, clothing and beauty are different. Plus as we all know, designers are artists of their time. They do reflect it all by means of clothes. For example, Audrey Hepburn's dress in Sabrina movie designed by Givenchy was all about lady-like thing. Hedi Slimane's black maxi dresses for Saint Laurent SS16 collection are filled with restrained yet daring femininity. And here we have a hero of this story - Reinis Ratnieks' dress. 

A totally simple, baggy dress doesn't seem to show off your curves at all. I do find this last point being an actual twist here. The so-called baggy-ness puts a double mystery on this black dress. I mean, an LBD (or a BD) is quite a mystery-much piece on its own. And when it does not show your natural lines off straightaway it turns an imagination of a viewer on. What he or she portray in their minds is only up to them. Speaking of how did I interpret Reinis Ratnieks black dress have to mention the timelessness side of it first. Look, it's more than simple - a dress in black, court shoes, red lips and dark hair-ed curls. Quite cliche yet it's the dress itself, the design, that steps forward and makes it all look so highly modern.

Aldo heels 

Photo: T. Egorova