Cowboy girl takes over country vibes. 

Mid-July. Latvian summer in its entire blossom. My 'Le Tour de Latvia' seasonal session is on. And a photo of my own in the middle of a lavender field comes here as a pretty traditional piece now. Not a single photo though but rather a full visual collection. Because a little Latvian Provence is a must visit place in my summer-y adventures list. I know, I know I keep praising Lillas Lavender, or how I call it now - a baby Valensole, every single time a story about it comes up. But I believe a good destination deserves it, right?

Now let me jump on to a more fashionable topic straightaway, okay? I mean the outfit. Let me say it this way. I adore Latvian countryside. You know this atmosphere creates such an interesting circle of emotions inside me, therefore I like coming back to such views from time to time. To me it's mainly about getting into this special mood, re-energizing while taking a break from concrete jungles and, of course, discovering something new. Speaking of discovering new stuff, it's this, let's say, natural atmosphere that made me fall for country style, in fashion terms. So when going both to a new or already well-known place of a little Eastern European country I try to challenge myself and go for country-much stuff.

And this current journey to Lillas Lavender was not an exception. I wanted to let that country girl of mine go at least for few hours. So this simple and airy dress from Spanish brand Cortefiel, that happened to hop off every single time wind was blowing, seemed to be just a perfect choice. And it was. Especially in a combination with cowboy's hat and boots of mine. Because a hat and a pair of highly comfortable shoes do matter when you head to lavender fields... endless French ones or baby Latvian. Oh, and wait... it took me 300 something words to finally reach this point when I say out loud - A is for Anna. No, I couldn't leave the closing photo without a comment.

Buffalo boots
vintage bag

Photo: T. Egorova