Always blacks. Always whites. 

You know it's top of summer when you realize it's July 15th today. And basically half - a - summer is gone now. And I don't know is it due to transience of time or due to flu that got me stuck in bed throughout almost whole June, but it seems to me this first half of the season flashed in front of my eyes with Usain Bolt's speed. Still I can't say this time passed in vain as so much good stuff happened. Let's at least think of a totally fresh exhibition of Mr. Vassiliev and another chance of mine to go behind the scenes of this beautiful process, not as deep as last year though. No, no, I should stop here and reserve my impressions for a special review. You just wait.

Speaking of my fashion preferences, apart from beloved uniform kind of thing, all sort of basics and charming feminine stuff I also like the so-called approach 'game of opposites'. And these opposites can easily find their way within one of my top three favorites indicated above. I mean the game of opposites can be implemented, let's say, in my uniform of a fashion intellectual - I just top an a la pant suit combo with boater hat. As simple as that. Why do I find attraction of opposites so alluring? Mainly it comes from these little challenges you tune yourself to. Challenges to find these points of contact between contrasting pieces.

Today's outfit combination is an example that falls directly into this 'game of opposites' group. True, there are pieces that come from basics and/or feminine categories, but in general terms this look was initially built upon contrasts. See, here you can find a basic top being balanced by flirty dress. And classy boater hat paired with charmingly feminine lace up sandals (going a bit, okay a lot, crazy over this pretty pair). But wait, there still is a major topping that comes within this very combination as the main contrast - few temporary yet cool enough tattoos. Perfect addition to my black and white color state of mind.

Look of the Day:
CNDirect top
Unknown fringe dress

Photo: T. Egorova