Because a big anniversary is right around the corner. 

If we are about to measure the importance of Postitivus Festival for the Baltics and Eastern Europe as a whole, then it can fairly be referred as Baltic Coachella. True, Positivus might not be as big as its American music fellow, but Latvia doesn't also have 50 states within its boarders.
And this year's Positivus session comes as a super special one. So far so good this season will mark as the 10th for the leading Baltic music festival. By the end of the week the first decade will be gone into history. Muse, Hurts, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Brainstorm are just few, yet highly known, names of those headliners who already happened to shake the ground of Salacgrīva over past years. Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding and Iggy Pop are just about to write their names into this positive-much history.
So we are few steps away from the 10th Positivus session. Sounds like a good reason to get yourself festival ready, huh? Your coolest outfit might get you backstage... who knows...  

Romantic Diva

For a pretty feminine, tender look arm yourself with some lace, ruffles and lovely florals. In this case light pastels will work much better, but still something like deep blue or statement orange will also fit. Lightweight and charming are key factors here.

Boho Queen

Boho vibes always work when it comes to music festivals. So take out all your tunics, kimono like cardigans, denim, and not only, flares and fringe and start playing around various different mixes. And don't you be afraid of mixing different prints and patterns, like stripes and scarf-like, together. Going creative and unusual is the main motto of a boho queen.

Festival Darling

These ladies are not any sort of newcomers at Positivus fest. And they will be all ready to rock Salacgrīva's ground from Friday to Sunday. Simply because these darlings are all about super comfort and fun. So a band tee, good old denims and a pair of killer boots or sneakers is what one might need. And a lightweight parka. Or a hoodie. You know, Latvian summer is pretty unpredictable... 

Image Courtesy:, Harper's Bazaar, In Search of