On the road again. 

And we are back to my beloved 'Le Tour de Latvia' topic. Feels so good to get back to secret gems of a little Eastern European country kind of hunting. I do have several new, I mean undiscovered by me yet, places on the list for this summer. And I do feel so totally thrilled about it all. I mean you can fall in love with a place by means of a single photo posted by someone but when you reach that spot and see the while picture without any border frames attached all your passion may fade away. So it's only this side of the mansion that is so alluring... I guess each of us has such expectations vs reality experiences though.

Anyways my 'Le Tour de Latvia' is always a pretty pleasurable adventure. Even if a place happens to be not that magnificent much it's always the road itself that brings such a joy. A road that lies along Eastern European fields filled with lonely country houses, gazing cows and already rolled haystacks. But wait. Today I should be talking about my lately discovered gem. Jaunmoku Manor, or Pils as we call it in Latvian. If I am to describe my impression, I would say I wouldn't mind living in such a manor. I mean here apart from a century old Neogothic architectural piece you have a pond with a huge fountain right at its heart and a gorgeous park with numerous pavilions...

Have to say my Tour de Latvia would never be such an enjoyable adventure without a comfortable pair of shoes. Every single person who went for adventure hunting knows that shoes matter. But what if apart from comfort you are also looking for travelling in style? Looks like Polish brand Kazar has an answer to this question. I literally fell in love with this Andi pair in one second. Both for its style, color combination and quality. Basically, yes, that's where the overall color combination of this adventurous outfit comes from... from a pair of shoes. And no, a scarf around my ankle is not a sort of injury but rather a fashion trick. Tying a scarf piece around your ankle is as cool as around a wrist. Haven't you tried this daring summer trick yet?

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Photo: T. Egorova