Ditching fashion intellectual's uniform for a change. 

Being the one who would rather go for jeans and white shirt, or any other top, kind of combination with no bra underneath, I started wondering whether such an Insta-much set would even suit me. Why an Insta-much? I believe most of us are scrolling through the app's 'discover page', at least from time to time, to literally discover new pages and personalities or simply to check out some stunning, inspirational and breathtaking shots. And I bet most of us seen those images of Insta-perfect girls wearing this kind of super tight, bandage dresses and sets that keep bringing their curves to a very foreground. It all screams about super sexuality, doesn't it?

You know ever since childhood days I've been questioning the sexuality topic. I mean female's sexuality. Now that sounds I tiny bit strange. Let's replace childhood with teenage days. See, back in those days MTV divas used to be a reference - blond hair, over tanned skin, tones of fake eyelashes, 'pimped' boobs, lips and nose. What could a girl with that visually noticeable drop of Eastern blood in her face think then? Right, 'I'm not like that. I'm just different. Let me just be brainy rather than expressly sexual'. And then... then we saw a rise of an Eastern type of beauty. No, not sexuality but beauty. Parallel to that we also saw a rise of another type - smart enough ladies who feel comfortable enough in their naturally beautiful shell. These females had long abandoned shell-proofed push-ups. So when these two types emerged I suddenly felt myself fitting just in.

There's one saying that keeps popping up in my head: 'You are so used to your features, you don't know how beautiful you look to a stranger'. I like putting it the way one gets so used to own shell, put it image or style if you want, so she stops searching herself (the same goes to males as well). I always keep saying challenging own self is good. It will either work for you or it won't. You just wake up one morning and face the fact you're not that slightly chubby girl you used to be at school or that girl who was soaking up every single bit of fashion knowledge back in her London days. You wake up with the feeling to challenge that kind of an Insta-much set. I mean who said a fashion intellectual can't have that curvy side, huh?

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Photo: T. Egorova