Taming greens and animalistic vibes. 

Seems like I'm currently back to high heels kind of mood. True, am still flat shoes lover at heart. And I guess I will be the one till the very last day... but... but you know, never say never. I used to be obsessed with high heels back in high school days that much so I could wear my beloved court heels all the time, every single day. I could walk up and down the stairs like 365 times and rock those cobble stones in the Old City. Now was it actually London's atmosphere or I simply grew into a too much older self that I nearly abandoned additional heights over the past years. I would love to get that first diagnosis though.

Now you know. Speaking if this 'high heels versus flats' topic, I've always wondered how some females find it pretty casual to drive a car wearing a pair of heeled shoes. No, not like that. Ever since I started driving myself I've been questioning that issue. I mean it does look cool and chic and all when you see a woman getting out of the drivers seat with alluring heels on, but I myself tried controlling pedals in such a shoe-piece and... and I failed to drive for even like 5 minutes. So a question like 'Maybe I was doing it wrong?' got stuck in my head, it's still there anyways.

But let's put the 'driving in heels' topic up in the air for some time and better concentrate on today's combination. One of my favorite outfits lately I would describe as 'casual nights out with friends'. I simply love how contrasting pieces happened to interact here in the best possible way. It's a bomber jacket that adds a laid back edginess to the overall chic-much picture. It's the animal print that brings it to a more stand out level. It's a pair of golden sandals from Kazar that sets the outfit to a more evening, even glamorous level. And it's a shade of deep green that came as a perfect complement to black - and - white - with - golden - details color combination.

Look of the Day:
CNDirect bomber jacket
Asos top
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova