From natural resources to fashionable details... 

Continuing the topic of a new exhibition from Alexandre Vassiliev that was recently premiered in a little yet highly loved by fashion historian Eastern European city. 'Tamed Nature' is not only a title of an exhibition and a showcase of actual interaction, read bond, between nature and fashion, it's also a way to make people realize the impact of this connection on our lives. The importance that can be traced through many and many centuries. Still within 'Tamed Nature' exposition nature's influence on fashion can be seeen by means of four centuries - starting with 18th and finishing with 21st. Speaking of one of the most extensive fashion topics it's important to pay attention to details.

If we speak about details we should definitely make a remark that it's not only the bags, hats, shoes, umbrellas and belts. Here 'tamed nature' stretches all the way into clothing buttons with dogs and other animals being portrayed over and brooches being dedicated to various insects. Even cane's handle perfectly fits the overall theme by picturing a dog's silhouette. And let's not put aside beauty section, where a little jar of Christian Lacroix perfume can easily be confused with a glittery shell. Or another jar that looks like a mouse. Doesn't this scream an owner is eager to tame nature? And details are not only about picturing nature, like florals, animals (include animal prints here), shells and other inhabitants of animal and underwater world, it's also about materials that give details advantage over gowns. Include such resources as pearls, amber, shells, actual birds (dead of course), wood apart from leather, straw, feathers and so on.

More than 300 details seem to win over 100 gowns, if we put it in numbers. But if we put it in actual words the main emphasis of the 'Tamed Nature' exhibition was put on details. Not only the ones that are placed under the glass but also the ones, i. e. hats of absolutely different eras and styles, that happened to be quite alluring fruits of a pretty fashion tree. An installation that can be found right at the heart of an exhibition hall ideally fits the general topic and serves as a point of entertainment. Who said a fashion exhibition is only about clothes and details? Fashion has always been about storytelling, especially since we are living this social media era. Continuing the discussion of fashion exhibition's storytelling it's worth saying that apart from 'yet another fashion tree with blossoming hats' the exposition is accompanied by light installations that do set the mood for every single nature's group - forest, garden, sea, savannah, jungle and exotics. Nature is the beginning of everything. And as far as nature exists there will always be an endless source of beauty and inspiration. There will always be something to be tamed.

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Photo: T. Egorova