Leopards like linen? Cats adore straws? 

Let me start with the first association that came to my mind when I combined this vintage animal print blouse with wide-leg Cortefiel trouser... Evelyn Powell of Devious Maids series. What? How come? It primarily comes from her style, or better say beloved outfit formula of slightly loose fit and unbuttoned blouses and wide-leg pants. as well as pretty much accentuated waist line. Let's make it clear straightaway, I adore Devious Maids. It's so much fun, every single episode, and a pretty good part of this fun is served by Evelyn and he husband. I used not to like her style as in the beginning it seemed to look quite outdated and not really her kind of thing. But as time goes by, I mean as seasons go by, you realize it's actually her signature, her own twist.

Well, okay, combination of blouse and trousers brought me to Evelyn Powell. That's clear. In more overall terms this outfit combination brought me to 'Tamed Nature' topic. And exhibition delivered by Alexandre Vassiliev. I remember, I published two review stories about the 'Tamed Nature' exhibition and hope it brought you to some serious thinking and considerations. And hopefully you already took a chance to go see the exposition with own eyes, or at least are planning it in nearest future. Well, enough. As I said, it's not about the exhibition but rather about the outfit. See, in terms of one single outfit one can realize that modern fashion is about taming nature. Straw and linen are about natural materials, while animal print and cat eye-like shape are about inspiration brought from nature and its wild life. Did I see this natural-much thing coming when I combined the four elements together? Frankly, no.

If we speak about the story behind this very outfit combination, then there's nothing much to be told. When I was putting the main elements together, i. e. animal print blouse, linen wide-leg pants, classy court shoes, cat eye-inspired shades, straw bag, statement ring, the only thing I thought of was either it all matches into a one picture or it doesn't. So this outfit is mainly about that feeling: "Yes, it's gonna work together". No, I didn't think of 'Tamed Nature' connections coming through it. Neither was I putting Evelyn Powell forefront or as a source of inspiration.. I don't see much of her here. But if I did take over her curly hairstyle, one could easily notice here vibes of one of the leading intriguantes of Beverly Hills. But again, she's here as a sort of little glimpses. 

Look of the Day:
Design Ulla Spangberg blouse
Zara heels
vintage bag
Balmain x H&M ring

Photo: T. Egorova