Trend Report | Half Moon Bag

July 13, 2016

Talking halves for Summer 2016. 

Half moon bag is not anything super new in a fashion world. Nor it is any sort of a fresh trend. And still this summer it seems to be such an alluring bag piece.
The best thing about seasonal half moon bags you get a variety of sizes. Literally, it goes all the way from mini to maxi. So if you are thinking of going for a pretty spacious half moon piece, then choose Victoria Beckham maxi one. If it's just about your phone, credit card and keys, a small shoulder bag from Michael Kors will work for you. 
Because sometimes going half can be super fashionable...

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  1. Симаптичный, но мало практичный тренд)

    1. К сожалению, да, не все тренды практичны)