Think global, act local. 

I like fashion topics that do stimulate my mind. Topics that are more than just styling kind of thing - tips, trends, rules and so on. Topics that allow me to show fashion industry from a really serious, in-depth side. Topics that allow my to apply fashion knowledge. Otherwise what was the point spending 3 years in a fashion school? Okay, enough. So one of such stimulating themes is sustainability. A global issue that affected major changes within fashion industry. Environmental pollution caused while manufacturing, abusement of animals, unfriendly working environment and cheap labor, landfills with tons of thrown away (yet wearable) clothing, over-consumerism that actually leads to clothing being disposable sort of thing, harmful impact of fast fashion market - this is just a short list of crimes the fashion industry and its players have been accused of.

Industry's response didn't take too long - sustainability as a part of companies' strategy. Let's be honest, it's the year 2016 and sustainability is not a personal choice anymore but rather a responsibility one must take over when considering to enter fashion industry. And this responsibility is not just for designers, their teams, manufacturers, but also for media people and consumers themselves. It's about media to teach audience about sustainability and more practical attitude towards clothing, and it's about consumers themselves to be more ethical and informed of such issues. I mean you definitely are used now to think about recycling domestic leftovers and get freaked over eco-much vegetables, fruits, grains... You do care of your body being healthy, then why don't you care as much of your wardrobe and fashion actions being as healthy? And it's not just about you not throwing that top you wore only once (or didn't wear at all, though which was an impulsive purchase) into a bin but rather donating it, at least. It's about sustaining interest towards eco-produced fabrics and pieces made of recycled materials. Like this upcycled backpack created in collaboration between Coca Cola company and Latvian QooQoo brand. 

Think global, act local. Now it took me quite a time to actually use this expression, I mean apply strategy in my discussions. The time has come. And the strategy can be applied to Coca Cola company. In which sense? In recycable. The beverage market giant has long gone into recycleing issue by launching a number of sustainable campaigns in different countries. So we say Coca Cola thinks of recycling on global level, while acting local by tailoring recycling campaigns for this or that country. And an actual example of this is a #CocaColaNewLife one. A campaign which aim is to produce backpacks, made of used street banner advertisements you surely saw around your city, the 'Taste the Feeling' ones, in collaboration with designers. While in Estonia Coca Cola collaborated with Karolin Kuusik, in Latvia their choice fell on a brand I personally love and already happened to work with - QooQoo. In my personal opinion, this is the best choice among Latvian designers simply because QooQoo has this young, dynamic and, well, rebellious-at-heart personality Millennials (finally succeeded to use this term as well) can easily relate to. These coold kids will definitely find this creative idea to give a PVC banner new, fashionable life cycle being something cool and important at the same time. Well, a fashion intellectual of mine is super honored to own one such backpack now. 

H&M blazer
Lindex top
Esprit pants

Photo: T. Egorova