Sarafan from Egypt... 

And someone's back to business. Finally. I mean back to writing, blogging and all this stuff. Now to be fully honest I was looking forward to this day ever since the following day after the last story, the previous one if to be precise, was published. My 9 days of laziness turned to be super duper productive as I got back to work on like 3rd or 4th day of my so-called holidays. Few days of not thinking about fashion and the rest were more than enough to free quite a lot of space for new ideas, interesting thoughts and topics I would wish to discuss in nearest future. And yet the most interesting moment, to me, is that I'm already getting into this transitional season mood. Because Autumn is just few weeks away...

How does it feel to get back to writing after, well, a little break? Too good. And I do have this feeling of putting this whole past week down on digital paper at once, but at the same time we all know I like spreading such things across multiple stories. You know, it's like spreading your Nutella almost evenly across 2 or 3 slices of bread rather than putting a giant dose on one slice. Well, in my head this phrase sounded more... cool... But let's leave it like this anyway. I believe we should better move on to today's visual story, shall we? I do like this visual story due to Eastern vibes. With tiny bit of exotics. There's definitely no need to say how I feel about Eastern stuff, and culture in general, as I wouldn't mind my wardrobe to be overfilled with Oriental 'treasures'. And I guess I'm actually moving towards this direction by collecting this kind of pieces little by little.

As soon as we started talking about my, yet, little collection of Eastern treasures we should definitely pay attention to this sarafan-dress I brought from Egypt like centuries ago. Okay, not really centuries but almost a decade ago. Now who would have thought that 10 years later I could find way to implement it in my summer-y wardrobe? Well, let's see what happens to the sarafan in another decade time? Just joking. But am really glad I found this freshly modern approach how to bring this Egyptian dress back to life, so to say. Pairing a dress with a tee, a blouse or a turtle neck is pretty cool these days, so why don't I give such a trendy try to my good old sarafan? And I did... a pretty blue Eastern vibes over all white ingredients kind of try.

Look of the Day:
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Egyptian sarafan

Photo: T. Egorova