And black. And white. And pink. And blue. 

So, basically I was thinking of using this story to show off my love for black and white combinations, once again. And I don't see why shouldn't I talk this topic through if I feel like it. When it comes to colors I like the psychological aspect of it. Or shall we put it as an emotional side? You know, people tend to choose this or that color according to own feelings. And here we don't take dress code of your  company or an important event or a uniform imposed by your college. See, there are days when I feel totally neutral, like absolutely neutral, and I tend to go for brown and beige shades. The most unfashionable color, as they refer the brown one.

Then there are day when I feel at total peace with myself and the world and I give preference to shades of blue, the sort of denim on denim combinations. And then come blacks and whites. The two colors I keep falling for over and over again. I remember saying that brown makes me feel super comfortable, like a year ago or so, but as time passes by and my state of mind, preferences and even thoughts change I seem to find both black and white perfectly suiting my day to day life. And it's not just because these are the most neutral colors of them all, but mainly due to the feeling of comfort and confidence. The feeling and colors that do set my mind free to some extent. The same kind of strategy, black and white much one, happen to stretch all the way across clothing, shoes, details, accessories...

Especially shoes as I started thinking of its practicality more and more. Not the flats versus high heels issue though. It's about the overall design and style, and also color, that will allow an item, not necessarily just shoes, last more than a couple of months or a season - it can be a year or even more. It's been a while since I started getting into pieces that last, items that you can make work over and over again. Like these Kazar heeled sandals. I know it's again about black and white color combination in overall terms, but it's the vibes are slightly different. And it's again these classy H&M pants I can easily call one of my top favorite items of 2016. And it's this top that straightaway became my best item of summer season. All three formed an outfit that perfectly reflects my current state. What about desaturated pink and blue elements? Well, sometimes even the most b&w addicted person feels like refreshing it a bit.

H&M blazer
Dresslink top
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova