Upgrading Autumn with fashion studies.

Image is a super powerful tool in the world of fashion. Just think of it, one single photo is able to tell you a whole story without even saying an actual word. Thinking of how come this thought can be applied to fancy fashionable pictures? Then think of Calvin Klein #mycalvins campaign or Christian Louboutin A/W 16 lookbook or a cover of a fashion magazine... look deeper... every fashion visual has a story to tell, and it's not only about cute clothes or shoes...
Well, there's no great shot produced without a skillful photographer. So if you are interested in fashion photography and been dreaming of reaching a level of Mario Testino, Nick Knight and alikes, then Kiev Fashion Institute has something just for you - a short course in fashion photography. During a time frame from September 21 till October 28 Ukranian photographer Denis Manokha will take you through the process of fashion photography from point A to point Z both in terms of theory and practise. Composition and coloristics, the basics and history of photography, actual work with stylists, make-up artists, models and conduction of your own fashion shooting. More details about this course can be found HERE.
Be quick to apply for fashion photography course and ensure you are kicking Autumn off with a good new portion of knowledge.

Image Courtesy: Grant Friedman