Giving my fashion intellectual a break. 

Even though you might be an adherent of a certain style or image there comes the time when you wish to give yourself, I mean that style or whatever, a break. And I do find it totally normal. In my opinion it's something similar to breaking away from the usual course of affairs, or life in general. You know when you escape to another location, town or country, once or twice a year just for a change and for a break of course. Psychology and branding say each of us has different facets, read personalities, for different social groups, like family, friends, work, university... And a certain part of these personalities is translated by means of fashion, simply clothing. So maybe these fashion-much changes/breaks actually are connected with multi-facets of ours?

One shouldn't deny it. See, facets, put it personalities if you wish, are pretty much connected with our inner state - how we feel, what we feel, our thoughts - and this inner stuff is then translated with outer one, like clothing, behavior, expressed thoughts. It can also go vise versa. For example, you want a certain group of people to see you as a person with high level of self-esteem, which you in fact are not, but you act and dress according to that, let's say, image, thus with time you learn being this type, you adopt the trait. And fashion really does play a major role within this personality thing. It's always about how you want others to see you, to be perceived by different groups or at different times. The way my branding lecturer once said, "it's about selling yourself to others", figuratively speaking of course. Or...

Okay, going back to me putting my fashion intellectual on pause. I do believe this break is due to summer season. The season of leisure, beach vibes and endless adventures. The season when your mind is eager to break free rather than be glued to laptop or a pile of papers, right? So I guess that's what affected the fashion intellectual of mine. But don't you think she's gone for good or will be absent for quite a long time. No, she'll be back soon. Will she be the same or slightly different? Well, we'll see. But for now it seems like my intellectual gave some space to a more feminine side... with some español vibes if we are talking of today's combination. Earrings, off-shoulder, wedges - it all screams with this Spanish mood. The vibes I used to go crazy about before Oriental fashion-invasion stepped my way.

Look of the Day:
CNDirect blouse
H&M culottes
Piazza Italia bag
H&M earrings

Photo: T. Egorova