Thai silk is calling for it. 

You know what I was thinking about the other day when I was looking through these visuals and planning the story out? I never really talked about Eastern vibes and Europe. Modern Europe, not Europe of the 20th or early centuries. I mean Orientalism is a pretty well-known issue in Europe, it's been for centuries now. There used to be times when Europeans would go literally crazy over turbans, luxurious Indian tunics and Chinese qipaos. People who had never been to places where these items used to be a sort of everyday dressing, people who had never seen these items before local merchants brought it from distant countries definitely went crazy over all that. Because it was all new in all senses.

Is there something new Eastern culture can show to the West? Yet undiscovered by Europeans over these past centuries, in terms of clothes, accessories, jewelry? Maybe there really are items, styles, motives that haven't conquered minds and wardrobes of modern Europeans. Maybe not all authentically Oriental treasures have conquered European physically, but in visual terms success is undeniable. When I say visual terms I do point at Internet and social media that do come as highly powerful tools to get information these days. Am trying to say it's not a big deal anymore if you have no idea how this or that Oriental item is called, history behind it, how it should perfectly be worn and so on. Digital world has it all covered with a distance of a click. Especially in visual sense as you can easily find individuals from all around the world showing how they pull a certain piece.

What I do like seeing when I surf around Internet for inspiration is how girls do incorporate authentic Eastern pieces with modern stuff. I do believe if you mix an Oriental something with utterly simple stuff it only makes an 'exotic' look much more vivid. Just like in today's outfit of mine. Yes, I like bringing Eastern items to the front. I adore Eastern stuff. It keeps highlighting that Oriental side of mine. The other other side, you know. I find this Thai silk wrap being one of my most precious items within personal collection of Eastern treasures. Why? It might sound funny, or awkward, or strange, but the wrap brings comfort to my soul. Maybe my inner Eastern beauty is all about wraps and scarves rather than any other Oriental treasure?

H&M top
vintage bag

Photo: T. Egorova