Summer's almost gone... 

No, no. This song by The Doors will never ever get long. Like really. The track keeps coming back to my playlist every single August when it gets closer and closer to September. I bet it seems slightly unbelievable to you as well as calendar autumn arrives just in few days. It feels like September should still be ages away, right? But you know, over the past weeks I was actually looking forward for this seasonal shift to come.

These lazy breaks under warm rays of summer-y sun will definitely be one of those moments most of us will miss during upcoming cold, windy, gloomy, sometimes (hopefully just sometimes) rainy days. Having a cup of coffee and freshly baked croissant outdoors being surrounded by seasonal greenery and fragrant flowers... will definitely be dreaming of that soon while sitting by the window inside a cafe filled with endless coffee aroma or a bakery filled with that pleasant flavor of freshly baked goodies... This scenario really gets me going.

Just the way the scenario of me pulling those autumn-much combinations gets me going right now. You are surely thinking this sounds crazy. I mean, how come one would wish to bundle up again? Well, this comes from my great desire to bring my endless collection of trench coats, jackets and even blazers to streets. Desire to pull that uniform kind of style. And, finally, it's about a desire to bring my new Vagabond shoe-beauties. Now all this yet has to wait a bit as it's still summer o'clock. There's still time to have that last summer break you know.

Photo: T. Egorova