This goes to all total white lovers... 

Sunsets are always followed by sunrises. Sunrises are always followed by sunsets. I like both. But still my heart fully belongs to sunsets. No, it's not connected with the fact I would rather stay up as late as possible rather than wake up earlier than sun is out to shine over the city. I believe the process of sun hiding behind the horizon possesses a magical kind of charm. Who doesn't like red, pink, orange shades taking over blue-blue sky? And let's not forget airy clouds as these are essential for picturesque views. I think my endless love for sunsets is driven by the fact my imagination comes into action when daylight disappears.

My favorite spot for magnificent sunsets? By the sea, of course. I adore observing how sun falls into the sea. I adore listening to the sound of coming waves. Best accompaniment. So whenever summer hits in both in calendar, astronomic and weather terms, I go hunting for sunsets. This crisp white wrap by German RIMOWA, undeniable giant of luggage world whose name is equivalent to quality and practicality, happened to be just perfect addition to my seasonal wardrobe. And when this piece ended up in my hands I already knew it will perfectly match the 'sunset by the sea' scenery. Not just in visual terms, but also because it's so natural to bundle up in a wrap and just stroll along the sea whilst sun goes down. You simply go and go and go, and at some point realize how lightweight your head becomes, right?

How about this total white outfit combination? Well, firstly, it perfectly matched RIMOWA wrap. How could it be otherwise, you'll definitely ask? Agree. White on white plus white and finished off with white is like, so simple. It is, especially if you go for something casual with a twist. Oh these twists of mine, why can't it be just casual? Probably because it's too simple and you know I like intricate, both as an adjective and as a noun. In this outfit a little twist is all about raw edge, or put it fringed finishing, of the jeans. Secondly, and finally, this total white look within the frame of today's story happened to be a sort of those airy clouds I talked about above. A cloud without which the sunset couldn't be as picturesque. Just the way the outfit wouldn't be complete without the wrap taken up by wind.


Photo: T. Egorova