It's the 'mix & match' approach. 

How badly I adore outfits that are based on unexpected combinations? Too badly, I would say. Sometimes such an idea of pairing up two, or more, certain pieces flashes in my mind all of a sudden. And I start wondering how come didn't I notice such a brilliant combination earlier? So, I found this Eastern-inspired piece in one of my beloved Riga-based thrift shops few months ago. No, it doesn't seem to be a really authentic accessory and, yes, it's more of a head piece rather than something else. Well, we all know I'm pretty sharp-set for Eastern kind of stuff, so the moment I saw it I knew I'll find ways to pull it within my outfits.

Parallel to the thrift shop find I went for yet another fashion hunting session at my favorite vintage store. The result of it was a blouse with bell sleeves. A pretty trending type of sleeves these days. It doesn't come as a surprise as bell sleeves, both in terms of a blouse and/or a dress, add an element of lightness and charm into one's outfit. Plus it feels like this kind of sleeves will look cool with absolutely everything - pants or skirts, flat shoes and heels, a hat or a neck scarf, denim or knitwear, velvet or leather and so on and so on. Did I mention bell sleeves are all about attracting attention? Just in case that's what you seek.

Speaking of this outfit, my general idea and central point was a bell sleeved blouse of course. So I thought it would perfectly with denims in matching color. Heeled sandals, in turn, seemed to wrap this casual yet air-y outfit. Yet I still thought something should be added to an already total black combination. A detail that could bring it to a whole new level. And I thought of that Eastern accessory. I tried to apply it in various ways, like a head piece, a bracelet and even a belt before I realized it will work best as a necklace. Quite a fresh, still respectful, way to apply such a detail, right? And last, but not least, find here are shades from Couldn't escape but to add it, especially since it did ideally match the dark blue blazer.

Look of the Day:
Wollsiegel blazer
vintage top
Bakers shoes
Aldo clutch

Photo: T. Egorova