Because blue is the second black. 

So, so far I have shared several bits of my latest, and yet major, 'Le Tour de Latvia' across west coast. I already shared my love for Kuldīga city. Love that sparkled very first second I entered the town. And I can't wait to be back any time in the future. Also I had a chance to talk about Alexandre Vassiliev's exhibit 'Resort. Fashion. Liepāja' which was absolutely amazing. It really did bring a lot of thoughts to my mind regarding resort fashion, its past and present. I mean, no doubt Europeans have gone a long way from covering all everything and hiding under an umbrella while enjoying that resort life to bikini, and a nudism, mass sunbathing and swimming in the sea. The fact that this resort freedom came as a sort of a result of 20th century's devastating events should seriously come as a huge reminder for us.

Alright, let's go back to Liepāja city itself. I do love the city of Liepāja. Otherwise why would I find myself going back to it second August in a row? The city where wind is born... how charming does this phrase sound? Uber charming I guess. Yes, Liepāja is a pretty much windy city. And this time it was even more windy. Like super windy, especially considering weather reminded more of early Autumn rather than late Summer. But this didn't minimize my joy of this 'Le Tour de Latvia' chapter. Northern Fort at the rise of the storm, Liepāja's old town part early in the morning and Liepāja's Museum with its outstanding interiors and exterior. Right, I couldn't escape but visit Vassiliev's exposition showcased at the museum. And I couldn't escape but picture myself outside since my blue-much outfit perfectly matched the exterior.

What was my intro-caption? Blue is the second black... seems like in my case it really serves such a role. Over past weeks, or months (?), I found myself being fond of color blue. Well, saying fond of is not really a word as I guess my wardrobe is about to see some blue invasion quite soon. Color blue perfectly matches both the black and the white color. Plus it seem to ideally replace one or another when I don't feel like pulling a total black and white outfit. But speaking of this very combination, it's surely all about that dynamic and comfortable approach I tend to choose while 'touring Latvia'. I mean, denim on denim plus white Converse and spacious backpack is a great formula for an adventurous mind, right? See-through bodysuit, boater hat and a touch of bandana, both in deep blue shade, all together come here as a delicious twist...

Look of the Day:
vintage jacket
vintage bodysuit
Zara jeans

Photo: T. Egorova