When touring Latvia... 

Early September. Little Eastern European country. Weather that reminds you more of gorgeous summer days rather than chilly autumn. What would one adventurer do in such a scenario? Right. Undertook just another 'Le Tour de Latvia' along country's endless coast, literally. Because when proper autumn will settle down all eyes will be concentrated on narrow streets covered with seasonal carpet of leaves. So, as I said, it was early September and weather was simply perfect to undertake one of those probably last tours along Latvian seaside this year.

Engure was one of those place I had on my 'must visit' list this summer (let's just skip the fact it wasn't summer already, weather still speaks for it all). And if I am to compare Engure to Tūja, Mērsrags and other beloved seaside location of mine around this little Eastern European country, then have to say this new gem significantly loses to its coastal comrades. Still a good spot for early mornings or late evenings, Engure doesn't seem to be that much peaceful and ethereal, as for me. 

Continuing my 'Le Tour de Latvia' uniform kind of topic, here's one more option to add to the list. A more transitional option though, especially if we take into consideration this elongated cardigan. Am having a little crush over such cardigans lately as I find it to be a pretty casual and comfortable option comparing to all the blazers, jackets and trench coats. Plus it's super warm, as if designed specially for long, adventurous walks. And how can I ignore this long choker necklace I found at Zaful.com? This is an exact case when white one is a new black, so to say.

Look of the Day:
Mohito cardigan 

Photo: T. Egorova