When ribbed dress is a must... 

So here is another story with Swedish label COS. A newcomer to Latvian retail and fashion market as for now. And after pulling something modern-ly formal and in highly neutral shades, something with traces of male's character... okay, maybe masculine not in terms of character, but still... I wanted to go for something more feminine this time, right, a dress. Long enough dress with quite a ribbed texture is a good investment piece this Autumn/Winter season. I guess every single clothing brand from mass market level to high end designer ones has its own version of such a dress. And COS is not an exception. Because at the end of the day women across Scandinavia and Baltics want to add a touch of femininity to their 'coldest season of the year' wardrobes.

Speaking of the dress itself, it's not just the fact such a dress is quite a trending and good investment piece of the season that attracted me. Very much the verse, it wasn't a crucial point at all. Well, I like knitted dresses in general so I tend to pay attention to this category of clothing. But it was the color that caught my attention. A color that is much of bordeaux shade but still has those echoes of something purple. Did you notice it as well? I mean it seems to me that depending on light and its intensity the dress is able to slightly change its shade. You know, I just realized it's been quite some time since I somehow abandoned the bordeaux shade. I clearly remember those jeans with baroque pattern I gave away to donation with lots of other clothes of mine when I was leaving London. Still do regret the jeans though from time to time. I mean, I don't regret donating it, I hope someone who bought it in a thrift shop or received from organization as a sort of help is really in love with the jeans... 

I think I just regret I didn't use the jeans enough myself. At times I have this thought that the good old pair would fit perfectly within this or that outfit. But what is done is done. Maybe if I didn't give those jeans away back then and took a break from bordeaux color, I wouldn't have fallen for this COS dress now. So all regrets aside! What I also like within this dress is quite a deep v-back detail which adds a touch of sensuality and seduction to this piece. Should you go bra less with this dress? Oh yes. Abandon bra as gracefully as Libby Masters of 'Master of Sex' series did in the opening episode of season 4. Simply enjoy the freedom and let those natural lines work. And mix the dress with color-blocked boots. A statement heel in contrasting color is still a thing. A thing that helps you pave the way through Autumn.

Marc Jacobs shades

Photo: T. Egorova